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  • Awesome Resources

    Welcome to the revolutionary evofoot patient support, a concept that was originally designed in 2007, evolving into the world's best pre and post operative resource with 24/7 access to your surgeon.



    On board to our patient communication system, and have instant access to your surgeon, concierge or the rest of the team.

    Using Spruce you can send HIPAA compliant text messages from your phone!

    Download eBook

    Support eBook

    The first ever post op instruction manual! Download the eBook to learn about pre-op, recovery, and healing. You'll feel like a super-patient when you're done!


    Complete H&P

    Health History

    In this modern tech world, our schedules have become more and more demanding. That's why we developed a secure, HIPAA compliant, online health questionnaire.


  • Beautiful Video Guides

    Designed as an easy to understand recovery guide, the evofoot support videos are the first of their kind. Watch and learn about the pre-op requirements, post-op process and what to do if you experience a problem during your recovery.


    Get ready for surgery

    Watch this video if you're scheduled for, or thinking about having surgery. We'll cover the pre-op requirements, your pre-op kit, and the process before surgery.


    Your post op "to-do" list

    This video is for patients who have already had surgery. We'll cover the post op ebook, how to use the shower boot to keep your foot dry, and icing instructions.


    Things to look out for

    If we experience an unexpected problem with your recovery, it's important to know how to respond until you can get to the office. We designed this video so you're a step ahead.

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